AMUR has and always will be cruelty free and fur free.

Our goal for the future is to continue on the path of being more sustainable and environmentally responsible. Our core purpose will always the same - being thoughtful of how we design, the materials we select and their impact on the environment.

Looking ahead, our commitment is to minimize our impact on the planet, be transparent in our supply chain processes and be more innovative with our sustainability.

Minimizing our impact

In 2021, investing in mapping our carbon footprint has been a big topic for AMUR. We have continued to take measures in reducing our impact and be more upfront with an accurate reading of our efforts, and with that in mind, we plan to measure our impact and support our CO2 reduction goal. 

Sourcing and Supply Chain

We are continuing to challenge our suppliers to source the best materials possible for the environment without compromising on the quality. That means BCI organic cottons that are ethically sourced, hemp fabrics that require less water, fertilizer and harmful chemicals to grow and digitally printed materials that require less water usage and less toxic chemicals to produce.  

Eco Packaging and Labeling

Our goal is to eliminate plastic use as a company, and we are on track to have 100% of our bags to be biodegradable by 2022. At AMUR even the little details matter - we have redesigned all our labels and hangtags to be more sustainable by using innovative materials that are recycled and organic, and inks that are less toxic in nature.

Meaningful Partnerships 

Aligning with brands that have a like-minded philosophy is key to AMUR's growth. We have always endeavored to support and work with brands that use locally produced, ethically sourced and sustainably created resources. In line with this, we previously partnered with Nest Artisans to support local artisans from Vietnam.